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intuitive card readings, Laura Armstrong, Toronto

What are Intuitive Card Readings?

Card readings have been around for centuries – giving insight and information about aspects of our lives, usually either confirming what we know, or giving is clues as to how to navigate our lives with more ease and abundance.  Intuitive readings are different for everyone, and each session is unique and highly individual.

There are many different types of card decks available today that are used for the purpose of intuitive readings. Tarot, angel and oracle cards are just a few of the many types of card decks you may be aware of. 

Card readings are one of the many divination tools used to connect with our spiritual guides and angels. We show up on this earth without any insight about how our future is going to unfold.  Some of the signs are there if we pay attention, but mostly we are so busy that things get missed and we get wrapped up in our everyday lives.

The intuitive card readings are used to communicate to the heavens and the angels so that they may guide you on a path of joy and happiness, like a bridge connecting you to your intuition and guides, so you can receive their direct support and guidance. We are constantly getting messages but sometimes we are not paying attention or we talk ourselves out of the message we think we are receiving.  Intuitive card readings validate what you already know. 

All of the readings are I do are from the light and I don’t filter what comes in.  I am completely honest about what comes across, as that is the message I am asked to pass on.  Everything I see/feel/hear and get information about during your reading comes across directly to you.

When I do a reading, I work with higher guides and archangels and powerful dieties such as Mary, Jesus, Archangel Michael, Quan Yin, Buddha and the Universe.  All readings are for the highest good of the person who is having the intuitive card reading done.

It’s important that you take the messages seriously as they are meant to be giving not only in love, but for learning and for your greatest good.  Pulling cards is about attracting what shows up and what you need to hear, an insight into your past, present and how you can help manage things that may show up in your future.

Why Would I Want an Intuitive Reading?

 Having an intuitive card reading can provide clarity and powerful insight into the answers you need to make decisions and choices in your life. We all have the answers within us, but sometimes we need confirmation. Our guides, through the card reading, have a way of telling us exactly what we need to hear. Sometimes we may not even be aware of the underlying issue we need to deal with before we can move on in our lives.  We can no longer sweep our problems under the rug and pretend they do not exist.

The intuitive reading helps you to see what has been blocking your pathway to success, happiness, passion and full abundance in your life.  The beauty of a professional intuitive reading is that you get new insight about what matters most to you, providing more clarity on your life’s purpose.


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